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Welcome to the official website of Rick's Pandawa


Ricks Pandawa | Law FirmOffice:

Komplek Ruko Mahkota Mas Blok J No. 47,
JL. M.H. Thamrin, Tangerang, Banten 15117
Phone   : +62 2155781718, +62 2170262458, +62 219849368
Fax.       : +62 2155781718
Web      :
Email    :

Historical Journey

Starting from the office of the law (Law Office) "Ricky Umar. A, SH & Associates "which was founded in 1984 in Cirebon, then in 1995 moved to Tangerang and in 2009 with a combination of several colleagues who are members of the organization Advocates CONGRESS ADVOCATES INDONESIA (KAI) Banten Province who share a common vision and mission, then terbentulah a Law Firm by the name "RICK'S & Pandawa" which has meaning / Abbreviation: RICK'S is Ricky Umar As Managing Partners and the Pandawa are Pandia (last name Harun Pandia) and Anwar as Partners / members.

With the commitment and professionalism of its Members LAW FIRM "RICK'S & PANDAWA", although the new stand, but has a lot of cases they handle and also has many local and foreign companies who entrust Law Firm" Rick's & Pandavas' as LEGAL CONSULTANT.



Ricks Pandawa | Law FirmMembers of Law Firm

1. RICKY UMAR. A , SH. MM. ( Managing Partners )
2. HARUN PANDIA , SE. SH. ( Members & Partners )
3. MOCHAMAD ANWAR , SH. ( Members & Partners )
4. DEDDY SURYADI , SH. MH. ( Partners )
5. H. SUHERMAN , SH. ( Partners )
6. ASWANDY J POHAN , SH. ( Partners )




Ricks Pandawa | Law FirmRICKY UMAR . A, SH.MM.

Managing Partners Rick's & Pandawa, S1 graduated the Faculty of Law, University of London Islam Nusantara th. 1983, then graduated Th. 2001 S2 (Master in Management) in ubuntu, since I was in college years. 1980 was an Assistant Lawyer and Legal Aid Organizations active PUSBADHI did as Chairman of the Young Generation. PUSBADHI (Center for Legal Assistance and Servant Indonesia), after graduating college in 1983 opened the Law Office of LBH Bandung by the name bell, then th. 1985 moved to open the Law Office Cirebon (Law Office), became Director of Legal Aid Cirebon Pancasila Youth, in 1996 Hijrah to Jakarta, opened in the Commercial Law Firm Fertile Aneka - Jatake Tangerang, as a permanent legal consultant, and concurrently Director of Human Resources at PT. Wellcomm Group (PT. Wellcomm Ritelindo Pratama, PT. Wellcomm Indo Pratama PT. WELLCOM Hasta Karya, PT. Wellcomm Primary e-media) HAND SUM TEX group (PT Hand Sum Tex, PT. Hann Chang Indonesia,) PT. Mas warehouse Indonesia, PT. Warehouse Satria Mas, PT. Dalle Energy, and much more Client / Partner remain a foreign company in Indonesia.

Since 2008, s / d is now serving as Chairman of the Council of Congress of Indonesian Advocates (KAI) Prov. Banten. And for a lot of handling Advocates Case - Case, Criminal and Civil (Corruption, Taxation, Labour, Land, Loans Receivable, etc.).


Ricks Pandawa | Law FirmRicks Pandawa | Law FirmMOHAMMAD ANWAR . SH.

Members & Partners Rick's & Pandawa, Graduate College of Mechanical Engineering of the National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta in 1990, graduated the Faculty of Law, University of Shaykh Yusuf Islam (UNIS) Tangerang, and is still listed as a graduate student Krisnadwipayana Master of Law University - Manila. Active in campus activities and student senate chairman in 1988, having worked in the textile company in Daegu City - SOUTH KOREA, 1991, working in textile company (Bogasari group) in Bogor, 1992, working in Manunggal Kurabo Textile Company (Japan ) in 1993-2004, became a labor activist since 1993 and became Chairman of the Board of Directors Branch (DPC) of Tangerang City Union of 1998, as a participant in TWARO Labor Congress Asia-OSAKA JAPAN, 2002, experienced in the settlement of labor disputes, as the case layoff, strike, industrial dispute, etc.., a partner at the Law Office "professionalism" Jakarta, a partner at the Law Firm "Sumardi & Partner" opened a law office "MOHAMMAD ANWAR & ASSOCIATES '. In Jakarta, as the Secretary of the Association of Indonesian Legal Counsel (IPHI) Tangerang. During a lawyer has handled a variety of Criminal cases, Civil, Administrative disputes, Land, Labour.